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Article below provides comprehensive summary of Synthroid, its general mechanism of action, cases of application, as well as important information related to precautions and associated side effects.

What is Synthroid Used for

Synthroid (also referred to as Levothyroxine) is a prescription medication administered for treatment of underactive thyroid condition (hypothyroidism). Synthroid functions by replacing or providing additional thyroid hormones, which are generally generated by the thyroid gland. Low levels of thyroid hormone may appear naturally or once the thyroid gland gets injured by medications/radiation or else surgically removed. Maintaining sufficient thyroid hormone is crucial for having normal physical as well as mental activity. For children it is also crucial to maintain sufficient thyroid hormone to ensure proper physical and mental development.

Synthroid is also applied for treatment of other thyroid disorder types (e.g., specific goiters types, as well as thyroid cancer). This drug is not suitable for infertility treatment, unless has resulted from reduced levels of thyroid hormone.

Synthroid Side Effects

Synthroid can interact with human body and result in certain undesired side effects, hence it is crucial to understand the unwanted side effects and take appropriate action or seek for medical assistance. The following are side effects caused by Synthroid:

author: Eric Klein, MD