Generic Vibramycin 100mg Tablet

The summary below discusses cases when Vibramycin is prescribed, provides a list of most frequent side effects and precautions, as well as shares the main mechanism of medicine functioning.

What is Doxycycline 100mg (Vibramycin)

Vibramycin (also referred to as Doxycycline) is applied for treatment of a broad specter of bacterial infections, as well as the ones that result in acne. This drug is also prescribed for prevention of malaria. Vibramycin is also known as tetracycline antibiotic. It functions by stopping the bacterial growth and hence can treat bacterial infections only.

In order to decrease the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and uphold the efficiency of Vibramycin as well as other antibacterial medications, Vibramycin requires to be administered only for treatment or prevention of infections that have been confirmed or strongly alleged to result from susceptible bacteria. Once culture and susceptibility data are available, they require to be taken in consideration to select or modify the prescribed antibacterial therapy.

Vibramycin Side Effects

Alongside with intended effects, Vibramycin may also result in certain side effects, which should be properly studied and considered in order to seek for timely medical assistance from healthcare provider and avoid any adverse consequences. The following list contains most common side effects caused by Vibramycin:

If any of abovementioned observed, seek for immediate medical help.

author: Eric Klein, MD